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Layla McCarter (USA) vs. Victoria Cisneros (USA)

March 3rd 2018 in Ignacio (Colorado / USA) WIBF/GBU World-title (Interims) 66,68 kg / 147 lbs Layla McCarter dominated the fight from the beginning. She started very strong with hard combinations, unloaded with both left and right upstairs and to the body of Victoria Cisneros. Into the eighth Round, McCarter pounced on Cisneros. Relentless jarring […]


Ahmad Ali (Ger) vs. Aro Schwartz (Ger)

March 3rd 2018 in Karlsruhe (Ger) GBU world title 72,57 kg / 160 lbs Both boxers started aggressively but were barely able to score hits in the first rounds. After a few rounds the fighters started getting into the fight and delivered a wild exchange of blows. Aro Schwartz had problems to find the right […]